Converse Launches Shoes For Valentine’s Day 2022 – How To Buy

Valentine’s Day often sees a huge range of products related to the day released in the weeks leading up to it.

There’s a huge amount of gifts to potentially give your partner, but shoes might not always be the first thing on your mind.

If that’s the kind of area you were thinking about, Converse might be able to help.

They released a collection of shoes with Valentine’s Day designs ahead of the event.

Here are some of the models that you can buy if you want.

What are Converse Valentine’s Day shoes?

Many Converse Valentine’s Day inspired shoes feature embroidered lips on their classic shoes.

This can take the form of the Chuck 70 Embroidered Lips for £85, available in black and white.

Additionally, there’s the Chuck Taylor All Star Embroidered Hearts for £65, which unsurprisingly come with embroidered hearts on the shoe, which are arranged in a circle around the Converse logo as well as a heart shape on the other side of the shoe.

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Customizable options are also available with the Chuck Taylor design, which comes with glued lips all around the shoe, as well as the heart-shaped Converse logo.

This can be had for £90 on the Converse website here.

Finally, there’s the Chuck Taylor All Star By You design for £75 which is pink, comes with red laces and has the word ‘Love’ all around the shoe.

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