Did you know? Not Ranveer Singh but Ajay Devgn was the first choice for Bajirao Mastani; Here’s why he backed off

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Did you know? Ranveer Singh wasn’t the first choice for Bajirao Mastani but Ajay Devgn was? (Photo credit: Instagram/ranveersingh, ajaydevgn, poster)

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s 2015 film Bajirao Mastani was one of the milestones in Ranveer Singh’s acting career. Her performance as the heroic Peshwa Bajirao was well received by critics and audiences. Did you know he wasn’t the first choice but Ajay Devgn was? Scroll down to learn more.

The epic historical romance film, based on the Marathi novel Rau written by Nagnath S Inamdar, was a hit in 2015. While Ranveer starred as Peshwa Bajirao, Deepika Padukone tried out his second wife Mastani and Priyanka Chopra as his first wife Kashibai.

According to India Today report, Ajay Devgn was first offered the role of Bajirao by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The superstar even backed it up, saying, “I was approached for the lead role…but we couldn’t agree on terms and conditions…dates, money, everything. ” However, the reason SLB didn’t do Bajirao Mastani came as a surprise to the superstar.

The filmmaker reportedly rejected Ajay because his character in Singham and the 2015 film shared the same name. The superstar then dismissed the report and said, “What you’re saying is something I’m hearing for the first time. While Singham Returns is out now, Sanjay’s movie will be out in December next year, so people will have plenty of time to forget Bajirao Singham (laughs) What’s wrong with admitting that we couldn’t agree on the T&C? (terms and conditions) Let’s be honest about it Even I can come up with better excuses!

The report further claimed that Ajay Devgn had to allocate 200 consecutive days for Bajirao Mastani which he could not as he is supposed to start his own director Shivay next year. However, there is no official confirmation on this report.

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